Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Greetings and Free Things

Salaam and hello lovelies. Of the saying the best things in life are free, I think one of them are blogs. And with that, I bring you what I hope to be a free gift of life: my blog.

My Cup of Life is my four word inspo to you. Rather than deciding what is or isn't your cup of tea, throw (just kidding. gently place or else the fine China might crack) the tea out the window (careful not to hit any unsuspecting passerby!) and pour a big mugful of life instead. Your personal motto should be to make the entire world your cup of life. Find the best of everything and make it fun and mold it to your liking. Work to make any and all bitter coffee into soothing tea that you love. Make every event your cup of life. 

I'm pretty sure that doesn't make sense.

I like Wednesdays so perhaps those will be my blogging days. I also like reading, writing, eating and cooking food, first snowfalls and beach sunsets, old-fashioned films, vintage clothing, pretty things, affordable clothes, sand in my toes and curly hair. I dislike negativity and unnecessarily rude comments and opinions. I like being inspired and inspiring others to live a good life. I like people. I also hate them. Sorry, I contradict myself 25/8. (I like puns and plays on words). I like dreaming of becoming an author. I like people who can keep conversations going. I strongly dislike spiders and bugs but don't approve of killing them. I'm a cat lady. I'm also a Pakistani Muslim. I really like rereading and rewatching good stuff.

I'm easily amused but often times what people find funny, I don't, and vice
This is an old picture of me capturing the beauty of my bathroom's wall. Do enjoy.

Versa. I read many books years before they become movies and like to think I'm cool because of that. Nail polish is pretty. I never run out of words to say. I never have the words to explain my true love of certain things (i.e. Harry Potter). I'm a Hijabi, which means I wear a hijab (headscarf) full-time (meaning in front of all men older than me and not directly related to me). Tahereh Mafi, Michelle Phan, Claire of KitchyKitchen, J.K. Rowling, Jerome Jarre, Nuha of DevotedlyYours, and Annika Victoria are some great people. You probably don't really care about all this, but here you go.

Me, Aiman Ghani, in a nutshell. Hope you'll stick around for more crazy adventures and ramblings and writings by me. Check back every Wednesday. And until then,

make everyday your cup of life xx

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