Friday, July 18, 2014

DIY Birthday Cake Sunglasses

Since my birthday is tomorrow, I thought I'd do a birthday related tutorial for you. Here are my stunning sunglasses, perfect for a gift, for up cycling old sunglasses and unused nail polish, and for wearing on any sunny day. My first tutorial! How exciting!

• Sunglasses (preferably white ones)
• Tape
• Nail polish in assorted colors (at least three) and white (if your sunglasses aren't) 
1. Place a few strands of tape over both lenses to protect from the polish.

2. If your sunglasses are colorful like mine, use your white nail polish to paint the entire base and sides. This involves some waiting since you'll have to apply about three to four layers, depending on how dark your sunglasses are, so be patient! This is the vanilla cake.

3. When your shades are completely dry, paint a few dashes of each color onto the white. (I used Lightening yellow by Sally Hansen and pastel pink, mint green, and lilac by Pure Ice.) These will be your sprinkles.
4. Wait a few minutes for them to dry, and rock your birthday cake sunglasses.

[BONUS TIP: for a gift, make them two days in advance so the nail polish fumes can dry up and the sunglasses won't smell] 

[Disclaimer: All tutorials, projects, opinions and recipes are entirely mine unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved to]

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