Monday, July 14, 2014

Flowing With the Moon | Clothes&Things

Go with the flow- that's what they say! And that's just what I did this weekend. Under the gorgeous full moon, too. Saturday evening my family gathered with some close friends and broke our fast together over a yummy meal. I then ended up spending the night at my friends house in a random turn of events. The next day was equally as spontaneously hectic. After baking red velvet cupcakes and showering as fast as I could for an on-the-spur decision to gather with a few of my friends to open our fast together as a pot luck of which I was bringing said cupcakes, I got ready once more. Only while baking did I remember I was fasting, my mind was so occupied. Unfortunately the picture didn't capture the magnificent sunset at all. But good food and two nights to dress up- what more could a girl want? Ramadan is crazy. Summer is crazy. Life is crazy. No, life is spontaneously splendid. You never know just what'll happen next or when you'll find yourself having fun. Hoping everyone had a weekend as enjoyable as mine,
Aiman xo
[I love details, and personally I find a little jewelry is the perfect kick to transform or put any outfit over the top. You can mix and match the same pieces with different outfits like I did, so the creative possibilities are endless. Rarely can you look worse with jewelry than without! 
Blue & Silver Bracelet: Sears // Flats: Famous Footwear // Silver & Teal Bangles: gifted, Charlotte Russe // Pink Mixed Colors Hijab (headscarf): Target // Red Casual Clutch: Macy's (or the like) // Charm Bracelet: gifted, Wal-Mart] 

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