Saturday, July 5, 2014

(Fourth of July Recap) Hearts Thudding | Summer Smoke

Hi loves :-) I hope you're all faring well. (Faring. I'm fancy.)
And to all my American readers- I hope you had fun yesterday celebrating our Independence Day!
In my town we have our fireworks show on July 3, and unfortunately this year I was unable to attend it and was down with a case of summer blues because for whatever reason, I love fireworks. And for that reason I don't have many pictures to share. Cameras just don't do justice to them.
My July 4th turned out to be amazing. Because I got my fireworks show, after all, and I got to see the stunning display right from my backyard patio. The neighbors across from my backyard, and several to both the left and right, were doing fireworks. It was thrilling and a little scary when the neighbors across from us shot their fireworks off right over my head. It always seemed like the flames would shower down on us, but they always sizzled out beforehand, of course. And when the fireworks began from a few houses down I was in the perfect viewing position. They weren't plain sparklers- they were booming, sparkling, huge fireworks. The boom of fireworks- which I always compare to the sound of your heart thudding in your chest- and the sweet, smokey smell that accompanies the image of a summer night in your mind surrounded me. Fireworks are sparkly and loud and exciting and magical and like showers of miniscule, colorful shooting stars raining down on us from the raven black sky, ready for our wishes. They are one of the simplest joys of, and will forever be linked to, summertime and childhood.
The picture down below of what looks like a ball of light is actually a floating lantern. Seems like my neighbors were trying to signal Rapunzel. (Disney's Tangled reference psst). They sent off a few of those. My sister and I had fun watching them be swallowed by the night, disappearing when they passed our line of sight.
Life is spontaneously splendid. You never know when something good will hit you. Never lose hope, because maybe, just maybe, the universe (or God) is keeping you from doing something because it has a better surprise in store.
Happy summer adventuring. Make your cup of life.
Aiman xo
The Rapunzel-esque Lantern, floating in the night like a balloon.

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