Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hunger Games | Book Corner

Hello and Salaam to all!
There's this very unfunny joke that goes around every Ramadan where people go "The true Hunger Games are about to begin!" This is because we Muslims, followers of Islamic faith, honor Ramadan each year. This year it began this past Sunday. I'm thrilled to have my two favorite months, July and Ramadan, coinciding. We fast (refrain from eating or drinking anything) from sunrise to sundown, learn to control our desires, and practice being the ideal Muslims we should be throughout the rest of the year. We also have additional prayers after our fifth and final one (Muslims have five obligatory prayers to pray/day) and honestly, we eat so many amazing foods in Ramadan and it is so enlightening and you get so close to so many people and going for ice cream after the additional prayers that come after the fifth one (the additional ones are called taraweeh prayers, spellings vary) and meeting up with friends and family for small parties where you break your fast open together really makes up for the hours spent not eating and drinking :)
That being said.....I really love the Hunger Games series. I have read each individual book of the three at least twenty times. (I actually prefer books to music, so the time ratio spent on one or the other balances out, I'd think.) My favorite of the three is Catching Fire and of all my favorite books (Life of Pi, The Book Thief, Harry Potter, etc.) I read Hunger Games first! My first (real) book love. Comment below this post or my latest instagram picture (you can find me at @/_spontaneouslysplendid_) what your favorite books are! I love getting suggestions.
Down below is my surprisingly mint condition copy, and below that is the inside of my book, which shows my failure at taping the book jacket on (I taped it backwards.) On my hand is henna, which is a sort of two week temporary tattoo Arabs and Pakistanis and lots more middle eastern and far away nationalities use primarily around the time of our Islamic holiday, Eid, which comes twice a year, but which I use a lot more because I love it that much.
Until then I wish sunshine and daisies to fall upon all your troubles. make your cup of life.
Aiman x

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