Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Insurgent by Veronica Roth

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Insurgent- ah, what a book! Divergent recently came out as a well-made and high grossing movie, but I've been sucked into this series since early 2012, concluding it last October. Insurgent is the sequel, and this is one of those popular dystopian trilogys people generally love.
I say try every book because no matter what prejudice you have, how much you hate the topic, or how many bad reviews it may get, there will always be those books you felt completely sure you'd hate but find yourself shocked to love.
I am not here to advertise Veronica Roth's books, though. I'm here to chat. So pull out your tea and get comfortable.
Out of the three books, Insurgent is my favorite. It is absolutely beautiful. The way throughout the entire book Tris, the main character, describes death and how she's ready for it only to realize that no, she isn't, is what I think to be very unique and powerful, especially in the format it's written in. It didn't come across as selfish or ungrateful to me at all; her motives for being less than happy with her life were justified by everything that happened. (But life and death weren't really the focus points of Insurgent; I just tend to grasp/love the unnoticed things.)
I think often times people talk about suicide and death like they're ready for it- but as a post on the internet showed me, more than half of suicide survivors claim in the last seconds before going through with their plan they realized 90% of all their problems had solutions. Remember that suicide is just an elaborate way of running away from problems/escaping. It is never the answer to anything.
Try reading the Divergent series, at least until the end of Insurgent, and let me know what you think!
Happy Reading! xo

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