Saturday, July 26, 2014

Salt Lake Caramel | Food Fashion

Watch: Citizen Eco-Drive (A gorgeous, eco friendly watch that uses any light source as fuel instead of batteries? So worth the reasonable cost.) // Sandals: Macy's // Maxi Dress: Any Department Store // Undershirt: Old Navy

 Watches complete any and all outfits, making them the ultimate go to accessory. Speaking of which, the go to with this teal-blue maxi would be a black layer and black scarf, but resist! The easiest option isn't always the best. The extra five minutes spent hunting down a camel beige/melted caramel colored scarf were worth it. Black on black, while definitely an attractive combination, won't make you stand out. This simple summer outfit tells a story of black lagoon monsters lurking under the sea and hard saltwater taffy + caramel squares sticking your little kid teeth together. Or maybe one of a woman sitting on warm sand by an ocean, checking her watch every few seconds as she waits for her special someone to arrive.

Make your clothes speak who you are,
xo Aiman 

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