Wednesday, August 27, 2014

DIY Strawberry S'mores

DIY Strawberry S'mores- a delicious and five second twist on classic s'mores. Not exactly a recipe, but fun and filling all the same. Dig in! 

  • Graham crackers
  • Chocolate chips (semi-sweet ones should be fine)
  • A few fresh, washed strawberries (one should be good for two s'mores)


1. Melt about four chocolate chips for twenty seconds in the microwave. Mash into a thin paste with a fork and spread over one graham cracker (use as much as you'd like).

2. Cut the strawberry into half. Cut that half into half, so that you're left with quarter slices, and place them over the chocolate, gently pressing them down. (Again, use as many as you want. The strawberries carry a strong, jam/jelly like flavor when eaten in s'mores form, so you shouldn't need too many. This is one of the few foods I'll eat with jelly/jam, so try it whether you particularly enjoy jams/jellies or not!)

3. Top off the graham cracker with the other one and enjoy! (BONUS TIP: the proportions are easy to figure out if you'd like to increase the amount of people you're feeding this to. Also, make sure it's served at a seated area or somewhere where crumbs can easily be caught- things may get messy!)

I hope you enjoy this super simple, super yummy snack! Perfect for all ages, and fresh strawberries get some healthy-ness in there, right? (Whatever it takes, people.)

What are your favorite spontaneous creations made while scouring the kitchen for a morsel? Leave a comment below letting me know :) 
Sometimes I sound like a YouTuber. Random thought...
but hey, life is spontaneously splendid. 
Happy Cooking! xo

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