Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Think Happy, Be Happy

Purchased at the whimsical, captivating, and eclectic Francesca's, this book sums up all the good and important teachings of life that we've been taught since birth but never bothered to believe, all in the format of about 500 quotes and a few interesting tidbits, playlists, and recipes. I tell you, I've walked that mall my whole life and have never seen this boutique before. (Is it a new addition or am I going crazy?) And the best part? Their gadgets, accessories, and trinkets are completely affordable. Have you ever been to the Target aisle located after the gift bag aisle that has random gifts and such in it, like post its filled in the hamburger shape, chocolate shaped notepads, and the like? Those are the kind of gift worthy jackpots that make me smile big in Francesca's.
Happy reading!
Aiman xo

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