Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Memory Wonderland

As most people do, I really enjoy good smells. But not just good smelling ones. No, the reason I think smells and scent shops like Bath and Body Works and Yankee Candle are so special is because smells ignite such powerful memories in our minds. And so those are my favorite scents: the ones that make me remember the best of life. Bath and Body Work's Daisy Dream girl fragrance makes me think of fruit roll ups and summer. Their Coconut Lime Verbena body lotion is special to me because it smells just like the apartments in Canada, where my dear relatives live. Ignore my awful home clothes (all-spiderman tee, primrose shoulder bag, yoga pants, and zebra flip flops- are from Kohls) but take notice of the Red Velvet candle, which I wanted to eat, it was that realistic. Try to find some fun in boring trips to stores- as a little bird once said, there's fun everywhere; you just have to look a little. What are your favorite scents?
Life is spontaneously splendid.
Aiman x

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