Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Retro Day

 Holy guacamole is this a throwback! To Canada's Wonderland, which is located in Vaughan, Ontario and is an amusement park much like Six Flags or any other large, money making fun house with speeding rides, high drops, and the staple overpriced concession stand items. This was in the first week of August, the fourth of it maybe? Coasters is one of the dining areas inside Wonderland, a retro diner in which we took shelter during the pouring rain (despite it, it was a wonderful day. rain= no hot weather and no long lines)

(No, I swear we didn't go shopping before entering Wonderland because it was raining and we wanted the weather to clear up....and because pretty things are so darn magnetic.)
 Top: Carsons // Skinnies: Kohls // Flip flops: Gap // Watch: Citizen Eco Drive // Light pink bag (seen in coke sign pictures above): H&M // Beige/brown bag: Gucci

Wonderland after dark- the lights come on, the big waterfall display at the front begins changing colors, and the sweet, thick disney notes playing right to our hearts begin blasting below the fireworks display. (Oh, and everyone fights to reach the funnel cake stand before it shuts.)

Displaying IMG-20140802-WA0041-1.jpg
The family crew and I at a restaurant across the amusement park- they had just closed but agreed to stay open for one last bunch of customers, us :)

Well, I had fun strolling down the memory lane of a few weeks ago. Six more days left of summer 2014. Make the most of them!

Who would have thunk a day full of gloomy rain could turn out to be filled with so much laughter and fun? Life is spontaneously splendid, and even if the rain is going on and it's five o clock in an amusement park that shuts at ten, it's never too late to have a good day.
xo always,

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