Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sunset Darkness + a Farewell to Summer

My darling cousin Inaya and I. Although my widdle girl's gotten too big for it, she made me carry her because the donkeys, sheep, goats and horses scared her. Who could say no to eyes widened in terror and a voice like hot syrup pleading? (Note to self: work on building child resistance.)

Top: Unkown (Kohls?) // Sandals: Nine West // Bag: Gucci // Vest: Sirens (from Canada) // Shades: Aldo (also from Canada) // Parachute Pants: Charlotte Russe // Watch: Citizen Eco Drive // Rings: Aldo // 
[Because we stayed an extra day that we hadn't originally planned to stay for, I had to borrow a piece from all the outfits I'd previously worn and create something new. I do this a lot, but this time was different. What do you guys think?]

      This is another throwback to my one week family visit in Toronto, Canada the first week of August. Although my family and I visit every year (sometimes more than once), we never tire of the contentment that is being in a country not our own. I remember how bittersweet that day was; the last sunset of Canada we'd get to see until our next travel over. (Note: no matter where you are, the sunset can be the prettiest art you've seen all day.) We spent it at an Eid Carnival at the local Masjid. (You might know it as a mosque. Church is to Christian as masjid/mosque is to Muslim), which contained cotton candy and a petting zoo and stellar bazaar with shops nearby where my brother, cousin and I escaped to watch the sunset from.
      Sitting on the curb watching the sun set after a lovely day with all your problems far away in another country and nothing but the summer hummingbirds fluttering in your chest like first love- and maybe summer is- are the types of moments humans kill by trying in vain to savor forever. Feet dangling on the curb, gummy candies playing rock on your tongue, and the sweetest smell that accompanies those summer moments makes you think you can.

Maybe it is possible. Only not with pictures, and that is why I am a writer.

Good luck writing + hoping everyone's summer was as wet-shampooed-hair-after-a-hot-day-out scented as mine. More than any other day of the year my heart is at a hold and my mind doesn't know what to think about. Already counting down until next summer but also knowing that I need to enjoy the present instead of dream about the future,
Xo always,

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