Thursday, October 2, 2014

Cool Colors

When my mother told my sister and I we were heading to the small mall ten minutes away from us a couple weeks back, I immediately thought it doesn't matter what I wear and grabbed some dingy old home clothes. But then I made a spur of the moment decision to dress nice, because after all the sun was shining and it was warm (this was the last week when it still felt like summer hehe). I really felt like wearing this old dress I had gotten from Old Navy a few years back and did some quick pairing and creative thinking to make it work together. I actually liked the cool colors combination so much that I wore this same outfit sometime later that week, too.

Dress: Old Navy (I tied it up on one side with a rubber band and tucked it in all around so it looked like a shirt) // Skinnies: Kohls // Bag: Gucci // Breathe Bracelet: Charming Charlie // Bangle: Ardene's, a shop in Canada (I covered the exterior with white nail polish) // Flats: Kohls

[If you have any requests for anything else I should blog about, feel free to comment down below. I'm open to any and all suggestions.]   

 Life is spontaneously splendid. Try to make something of the boring, routine trips or errands. 
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