Wednesday, October 22, 2014

FALLing in love

Hello my lovely readers! It has now been almost an entire month of autumn (which I think sounds so much prettier than fall...probably because of how it's spelled) and I hope it has been treating you all well. This was my first day of fall outfit; I felt like embracing this year's cold change with a positive attitude and full spirit. (That doesn't mean I hate being cold and the dark weather any less, though.)

Hijab (headscarf): taken from me mum's closet (British people get all the fun words!) // Top: my sister's // Jeans: H&M (try these) // Shoes: Call It Spring // Bangles: I've had these for about seven years, a gift from my mother // Chunky Beige Bracelet: purchased four years ago in Canada's Ardene // Sweater: my mum's again // Rings: Aldo

[All photos taken by my dear friend in the morning time, so excuse any tiredness.]
      I try to avoid the use of makeup, excessive or not. No promises there, but it does apply to these pictures. I find that massaging your bags teases them out and loosens them, making them as least noticeable as you can get them to be without artificial help. Basically all you do is stretch the bags, pulling them down with your thumb and index finger and releasing, repeating the motion. Unscented, moisturizing lotion (scented ones are more likely to irritate the skin with the extra chemicals and whatnot) freshens your face and makes you seem more put together while a dab of Vaseline petroleum jelly can take care of any chapped lips, which you might have seeing as you just woke up and haven't consumed too much water yet. 
     Chunky cardigans or loose sweaters are always a fall go to. I think with these slightly loose skinny jeans (buy one size up for a more loose take. the size difference probably won't even be enough for you to need a belt, unless you prefer to have less room for your stomach to breathe) created a pumpkin spice, knit grandmother type of look when paired together. I definitely like it more with the sweater than without; I think my jeans would have to be form fitting to wear with this particular shirt because the looseness of it over the jeans creates an I'm-borrowing-my-big-sister's-clothes look. Sometimes baggy on baggy works, and other times....well, we all know the answer to that.

     Have a good fall and do all the typical but totally awesome fall-esque activities! (I,e, buy tons of pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks and go apple picking with your family.) If you had to choose, what's your favorite thing about fall? Leave a comment below for me :)
Life (c'mon cold weather, you're included in this) is spontaneously splendid.
Aiman Ghani xx

[P.S! BIG NEWS! Look out for an interview with blogger and YouTuber Annika Victoria coming sometime this fall/winter, and hopefully more interviews with some of your favorite people! Have someone in mind? Leave a comment below or let me know through instagram or twitter and I'll try my best to get in touch with them!]

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