Monday, November 3, 2014

2014 Chicago Halal Food Festival


Hello and Salam to all! Hope your past few weekends have been treating you well. Mine have been absolutely nuts these past couple weeks and this post is about the 2nd Annual Chicago Halal Food Festival last weekend. I went last Saturday, the twenty-fifth (it was a two day event Oct. 25&26), and had myself a wonderful time with my older brother and father. [Props to my mom for staying home with my little sister, whose tummy was hurting. She got better just in time for her birthday the 27th, though ;)]

One of the booths they had was one run by a young man and lady who seemed like they would be the sort of kindergarten teachers kids cry for when the old retirement ball hits. It's something I'm going to have to try someday, despite the twitchy feeling I get at wasting/seeing food wasted. (These people live in a parallel universe where food is for art, not eating. Every kids dream come true. *sighs wistfully*)

Another booth was one of those organic type homemade soap ones. (Sabun Soap's Website) We got to wash our hands with their moisturizing soap and when my brother and father bought a soap bar, we got a free sample size ChapStick.
Because I knew how earth friendly and etc. they were, I asked one of the workers what was special about their ChapSticks. He told me they're made entirely of edible ingredients, so in theory you can eat them. I asked him if he was positive I could, and when he said yes I proceeded to take a little bite out of it. How crazy is that?!
Mr.Broast's "zinger burger". Yay for food!

We were looking around at a clothing stall (pictured below) when my brother pointed out a YouTuber he's watched some videos of! He mostly does basketball related videos and seeing as the relationship I have with YouTubers begins and ends with Instagram, I had/have no clue who he was/is. But I got a picture with him anyways, which was cool. I've now officially met STG.

[The lighting wasn't the greatest indoors, and outdoors the sun didn't cooperate, either, so sorries for low quality camera work.]

Although the festival was small and not as entertaining as I'd hoped (two hours MAX could be spent there) I think it was a great effort and lovely idea/ excuse to get us out into Chicago, which was beautiful as always. In fact, maybe more so around the college campus area and shining under much needed sunshine and beautiful weather. Made my heart ache for summertime, but it's all good, autumn. Being outside on such a perfect day somehow makes everything bad in life worth it.

I especially love the photo of me posing by the lamp with the biker behind me. Sparked my mind with images of a lively, environmentally friendly, and happy place (something like my fairytale version of Amsterdam?) and appeared, to me at least, to show some character in the city I'm proud to call mine, Chicago. As did the photograph with the letter on the ground. (Who wrote it? Who was it for? What did it say? Was it just a plain bill? Was it going to a family who was struggling to pay it, and threw it down in frustration? Or did the wind steal it from the mailman, jealous that it never got any letters and the mailman had access to hundreds?)
Dress: TJMaxx // Cardigan: Gap // Pants: Pakistan // Hijab: Target // Combat Boots: Deb // Statement Necklace: Carson Pirie Scott // Nail Polish: Sally Hansen's "Hot for Chocolate" [Both the name and color of which I adore!]

Any excuse to be out in Chicago is fine by me. Comment below requests for blog posts, plans for your weekend, what you did last weekend, or just your thoughts. I always appreciate your help and kind words.
Life isn't planned; it's spontaneously splendid.
Aiman xo.

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