Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Silver Snow-Dotted Pine Trees

Oh, who doesn't love matte black nail polish? Such a classy twist on a more "teenage trashy" color. I think the days of "You can wear nail polish now, but no black, alright?" are slowly coming to an end. I've added the "keep reading" tab because I blab on and on and on and some of my posts can get pretty crazy so if you're interested in seeing more of this outfit, hit that button and read (look?) away!

Black Full-Sleeve: Gap // Vest: JCPenny // Rings: Aldo (and drugstore toe rings I used as midi rings!) // Pants: mum's closet (oh, the joy of discovering pretty clothes in there!) // Flats: Kohls // Nail Polish: OPI and Sally Hansen // Headband: a birthday gift

Extremely sick of this cold weather and it has only just begun; Winter begins December 21, which seems so far off. Fall, why art thou so cold? Watch out for a poem on winter/cold/seasons coming to the blog tomorrow and comment below what else you want to see on my blog! Until then, I sincerely hope you find that colorful, worn sweater your grandmother gave you six years ago, not knowing they'd be back in fashion in 2014. In other news...THREE DAYS TIL MOCKINGJAY! WHOSE EXCITED?! *throws Hunger Games party for all fellow book lovers* 

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Who knows? Maybe we'll get a random bout of sunshine and warm weather. After all,
Life is spontaneously splendid.
Aiman X

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