Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Cornflower Blue

I vaguely recall these photos being from last year. I don't even know at this point seeing as it's 2015 and I think this was sometime...yes, it was definitely last August or September. (I checked, and I put this post together originally December 7, 2014). Chicago has been doing us pretty good this Autumn (it's 71F right now! how grand! even the chilly bits have been okay) and as someone who despises the cold, it's a loving reprieve. If you missed my latest reads, you can catch up on them here or here at my twitter. I've been entering giveaways and contests on social media from some of my favorite trusted brands TONS this week so...may the odds be ever in my favor, no? ;) I wanted to discuss buying brands VS. buying out of love here, too! Grab your pumpkin spice latte and read on!

How much do brand names factor in our opinions of clothes? 
We live in a society and economy fueled by brand names plastered everywhere almost to the point where you're like an actor living in one giant advertisement. And because we're so obsessed with money, we find ourselves leaving behind that cute top at the thrift shop or the summery, pretty dress we caught at, of all places, a grocery store!  I mean hey, it happens. It's okay to go for a quick banana run or milk jog and like a clothing article they might have hanging in perfect view of the refrigerators or fruit. 
There's no shame in purchasing from a less-than-desirable location. If it's cute and you want it, don't let the lack of a popular brand name or empty wallet change your decision. Wear what you want when you want. Does the thought I didn't spend hundreds on this outfit make you make false assumptions? Does it make you think I'm less wealthy, intelligent or clean? I'm not. I would be the same showered, intelligent female I am in these photos as I would be if I were in, say, a wardrobe from Nasty Gal.
And I'm sure countless others can say the same, that a one-time buy from some random place doesn't make it their go-to shopping destination. But if I'm out anywhere and I like something, I'm getting it, regardless of what brand it's by. 
Maxi: Wal-Mart // Hijab (headscarf): Gift // Breathe Bracelet: Gift // Shoes: Nine West // Watch: JCP // Bangles: Pakistan (old)

Duh, you can totally be ethical shoppers (hugs if you are!) or choose higher end items for better quality or style or whatever else you personally value the most in what you purchase because I know at times I do that, too! Your choices are your own. Just don't feel hesitant for the wrong reasons. No one's got the right to knock down your style because of where you shop.

Have a lovely weekend and first week of November, everyone! #16DaysUntilMockingjayPart2 Who's excited?!?!?

Maybe I'll end up winning some of the giveaways I entered recently. Who knows? Honestly, I think there's a pretty good chance out of all the ones I'll win at least one. If I'm meant to, I've no doubt I will because...

Life is spontaneously splendid. Always.

Aiman Ghani.

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