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Em Somerville Interview

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Ever wondered about Em Somerville, the artist behind the cute, original, and all around glitter worthy artwork featured on her Instagram and sold on her shop? She claims that the thing she loves most about art is that your creativity is your own, and obviously, as you'll see if you continue reading, her hard work and goal to do what she loves for pay has been paying off with the amount of positive feedback she's received in the past few years. We know she loves baths, plastic dinosaurs, and being herself, but what are her favorite things to illustrate? When can she be found baking? How has Instagram affected her? Keep reading to find out all that and more :)

1. Hi Em! It's a pleasure to have you here. Hopefully we won't steal too much of your time- you've been so busy submissions are now closed for the rest of the year! How's that been like?
Em: Hi there, I'm so glad to be here! 
It has been a crazy-amazing and hectic year! I launched my current store around New Years, and in the month of January alone, I sold more than I had over the past 2 years prior combined. As the year went on I was featured in a bridal magazine, for a little giveaway, and at the same time, featured in a few interviews online - that kickstarted my current workload of commission work. I'm doing a ton of custom illustrations for wedding and engagement invites at all times now, it's so awesome to work on something that will be a part of the most important day of someone's life! I'm terrible at over-committing, so I've definitely ended up with too heavy a workload over the past 6 months, but I enjoy every second, even when I'm struggling my way through deadlines! 

2. You're Australia based. Do you think living where you do has affected your work in anyway?
Em: I do indeed - maybe not so much living in Australia, but living where I do, in Perth. There is definitely a creative scene in Perth, but I haven't managed to meet anyone who is a part of it or figure out how to get involved! All of the creative people I stumble upon and think I would be great friends with are from Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney. Those 3 states have really cool cultures when it comes to creativity, tons of cool exhibitions and markets. I'd love to spend some time over east and getting involved in some of the events around the place. My online store sales, surprisingly, come mostly from Canada! This makes me super happy, I do love Canadians.  

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3. What do you like to do on rainy days? 
Em: Frolic outside! I adore the rain, it puts me in an instant good mood and seems to always appear when I need it the most. No matter what I have going on, to feel the rain on my face will make everything okay.

4. Do you have a preferred time (of the day or year) to draw during?
Em: Late late late. I have insomnia and am my most creative through the night. I come up with all my weird ideas and inventions when I'm exhausted and on the brink of lunacy! This counts for baking, too!

5. In what ways has your Instagram account affected your life?
Em: SO MANY WAYS. I was going through a crappy divorce and hadn't created anything in a long time when I first started my Instagram account. I couldn't remember who I was alone. Instagram gave me a whole new view on photography and creativity, made me yearn to do wonderful things in my every day life. I've made so many amazing friends, found so many incredible photographers and artists to inspire me. Plus it was a great medium to get to know my (now) man-friend! He used to give me little photo challenges each day and I would explore the city looking for ways to complete them. 

6. When did you begin drawing?
Em: I have drawn forever, and just FYI, when I was a kid, my characters didn't have bodies. They were just heads with arms and legs poking out of them. I really didn't draw a lot from the time I finished high school through to my mid-twenties. As I mentioned, I had a pretty toxic marriage and I think I lost a lot of my creativity during that time. I'm not sure exactly what inspired it to come back to me, but once it did, it quickly became my passion, and it's not going anywhere.

7. What are your favorite things to draw, and why? Is it easier to draw one thing over another?
Em: MOUNTAINS. Can you tell? I adore drawing mountains. I don't know why, I think I just love mountains and want to be on mountains and climb mountains and just mountains. I find drawing people tough. Which is odd, since it's what I do more than anything for commission work! I'm not great with poses or proportions. I love drawing people's tattoos in my commission work. It's so fun to put all the tiny details in there and my clients are always shocked by how correct their tattoos look! I love that.
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8. Where do you plan on heading with that talented hand of yours?
Em: I'll go wherever it takes me! I have some fun plans for additions to the store in the coming year, but I would love to get involved in more exhibitions and zines or magazines, those are always so much fun to be involved in! I'd love to illustrate a book. That was my dream career as a child. A lot of people don't realise that I work full time as well as doing my illustration, so it would be awesome to be able to support myself solely on my art. I feel like I utilise every spare second of every day, can you imagine how productive I'd be if I didn't have to spend 8 hours at work? I'd get so much done!

9. If a small kid went through a tragic incident and turned to you for help, what would you say to comfort them?
Em: Oh golly. I'd let them know that every challenge they go through will give them strength and shape their future, it will make them an amazing and strong person.

10. Ever had a moment that made you go, "Hm, life sure is spontaneously splendid!"?
Em: Yes, daily! I often think such a thing while listening to the rain, walking to work, looking at my puppy or dancing around the kitchen with my man-friend.

11. We've loved having you here at Life is Spontaneously Splendid. Any final words of advice, wisdom, or anything in between to enlighten my readers with? 
Em: Adventure. Take risks. Fall in love. Be you, every day, no matter what other people think. Stay weird, sparkle and shine xx 
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Life is spontaneously splendid.
Aiman xo 

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