Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Silver Tinsel on a Green Tree

Top: TJMaxx // Pants: Delia's // Flats: Kohls // Undershirt: Gap // Hijab: Target 

Over the weekend I went to a lunch event with some local mentally/physically challenged teens and it was very refreshing to see everyone enjoy each other's company and just simply talk and eat and feel blessed. Isn't this homemade party favor the cutest?! Although of course I don't celebrate Christmas (Muslims celebrate Eid twice a year instead) the lights, magic, and good cheer of December really are so nice to see. People donate and reach out to so many people during this time of the year.

I wanted to wear this dress in a different way, one that would really work and still be modest at the same time. You might remember from this post that when you're lost, make your clothes tell a story. So I decided I'd make my clothes show winter with sparkles like you see in the first snowfall you admire from your bedroom window in the night and silver like the bows you place on presents and green like the misletoe that decorates the Hogwarts walls.

What are your favorite things about winter? Life improves just like the weather always will so remember-
Life is spontaneously splendid.
Aiman ox

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