Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wrapping Up 2014 + Welcoming 2015

special throwback to December 2013 last year at Caribou Coffee, my most favorite hot drink place in the entire universe (oh gosh...look at that outfit.....)

Happy New Year! Thank you for an amazing 2014, where I first began blogging this summer. For all of you following me on this journey, I very, very much appreciate it. It's my pleasure to share it with you. Here are a few things to expect from me in 2015:
  • More fashion posts, DIY projects, and book reviews (at least one per week!)
  • Interviews with some of your favorite bloggers (see past ones here)
  • Insight into my personal life where I think, "Wow, life sure is spontaneously splendid."
  • Tips, tricks, and important reminders of why we invest in fashion in the first place
  • Inspiration (at least I'll try!) of why life is worth all its hassles
  • That DIY henna paste post I promised long ago (I always keep my word; promise I'm not being lazy, I just really haven't been able to gather needed supplies)
Although the right time to change your life for the better and become more positive or make positive change is anytime, the start of a fresh, clean year is always a good place to start. To help you through it I wanted to break away from my usual posts and throw together a few tricks and tips that will, hopefully, make it easier to solve some of your problems. [NOTE: Get your hot chocolate ready, 'cause it's about to get wordy in here!]

1. Put your phone down. Delete unnecessary social media. Prioritize life; do you want to later regret wasting this moment on your phone? No, of course not. To avoid that regret, avoid the situation that causes it. It's all in your power. Tell your friends you'll talk to or text them after you study. It's okay to not reply to every message you receive. Something I use is FocusLock, a free and life changing app. (not sponsored, I just genuinely find it really, really helpful.) It's available on both Apple and Android products and allows you to lock your apps for a set amount of time. Breaking away from technological chains is hard- trust me, I know. But it isn't impossible.
Some other helpful, free apps include VSCOCam (features amazing filters and takes clear, quality photos), Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock (alarm clock app that wakes you up at your lightest sleep phase, allowing you to be more fresh when you wake up), and Scan Halal (for my Muslim readers; this app not only checks if certain foods are halal or not, it'll also tell you why)
2. Lose negativity. No matter what it takes, lose the people that cause you pain or make your life a worse place. Surround yourself with people who appreciate life and praise more than they complain. Better yet, become that person. You'll attract people with similar outlooks on life because they'll want to be around you. Something that may help you with that is this blog, which offers advice from specialists.

3. Forget boredom. Start seeking out the fun in life instead of waiting for it to come to you. You can't ever be bored- if you are, you're doing something wrong. There's always something more you can be doing.

  • If school isn't a worry (meaning grades you/your parents are satisfied with or not being in school), start chasing your dreams now. Use social media as an outlet to allow exposure to your talents. 
  • Join clubs or sports.
  • Volunteer somewhere. Bring a friend along.
  • Take part in recreational activities/events or check out the library's programs.
  •  Help your parents with anything they might need help on.
  • Study. It may not be fun, but it's a good use of your spare "I'm bored" time. 
  • Use your skills for something good like to bring awareness to something you're passionate about.
  • Research colleges and what they look for so you can begin to prepare now. 
  • Get a side job- it's never too early to save up. 
  • Invite someone over. The busier you are, the less unhealthy food you'll have time to eat, the less bad thoughts you'll harbor, and the happier you'll feel when you're doing more than just moping around (a popular website featuring healthy, yummy recipes is this one)
  • See if you can coach a local sports team. 
  • Google contests for your particular talent and enter them. 
  • Try new hobbies. 
  • Exercise, go on a long walk. Take every misadventure and make it an adventure.

4. Make change. Take the steps to make the change you crave, the goals you have. It may be hard, but once you take action you'll feel so much more content with your situation. It's worth losing a friend you've known all your life if she made you more sad than happy. It's worth enlisting in the 2 hour exercise class if it'll help you achieve your goal of becoming fit and make it easier to love yourself. Remember that you are not alone, no matter what it seems. Turn to the people that love you and show them you love them back. Show them, don't tell them. You can do it.

 Stick around for a wonderful year (God willing) on the blog. With everything I am I hope beyond heaven you all have a wonderful 2015 and find that what you've been looking for has been hidden inside of you since the beginning. 
Positive thinking and warm wishes, 
don't ever lose hope. as I like to say-
life is spontaneously splendid. 
Aiman oxo

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