Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fire Engine Red and Coral Sunset

Top: Unknown // Mom Jeans: Thrifted (is there any other place to get them from?) // Cardigan: Gap // Hijab: Unknown (Target?)  //  Boots: Steve Madden // Rings: Aldo // Bag: Dynamite

The cold never bothered me, anyways!
Haha, just kidding. It bothers me plenty (note: I am a summer soul) but who has time to worry about trivial things like your body temperature and the risk of catching something like pneumonia when you get amazing photographs of your outfit, am I right? Anyways, hey FouseyTube! You put on a good show on your all ages "Be Yourself Tour". Also: I can pretty much relate to every one of the jokes you made, and it was wicked cool how you pulled so many audience member on stage. Greetings from Chicago! :)
I hope everyone's drinking plenty of hot chocolate and snuggling up in their onesies because I know Illinois isn't the only one that's been hit with another cold spell. How's the weather in your town/state/country? I love hearing about things from around the world directly from someone who lives there. It excites me to think someone 10,000 miles away could be reading my words, to picture someone in Pakistan or Europe or Spain being impacted by something I said. Sincerely hoping your new years treating you well. If not, make it good! You'll be surprised because-
life is spontaneously splendid.
ox Aiman

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