Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli (sequel to Stargirl by the same author; technically you could read this without having read the first and still understand the story.)

I love this book.
I really, truly, utterly do.
It's realtively short (feels like much less than 274 pages, believe me), made even shorter by its quick story. It's about a girl named Stargirl who has a soul eccentric like rubies. We join her on her path to leaving behind loneliness in a homeschooled, small-town life. Living in a new town she fashions "the world's longest letter" to Leo (her fellow 11th grader who tells the story of Book 1 in his POV) through journal entries. As she encounters new inidividuals in her town she begins to realize something funny about happiness: if you can't find it within yourself it might be because it's hiding in someone else [-a.u.g] 

Although the tone and the setting is different in the sequel, the down-to-earth nature stays the same. I love small town settings and neighborhoods where people know each other by name. The way I see it, small towns are like extended families[-a.u.g]. And though I'm lucky to live in a small town myself, sometimes it's still too big. Many aspects of this book are things I find pretty, things that are realy nice to read about, like Stargirl's happy wagon. This book places value on the important things in life and even though it's breezy. once you search the cracks for the fallen glitter you'll see what I mean. And for a change, it's nice to read something almost...happy. Plain and simple. The world could do with more of that and less of the bad. Why can't we share good things? Why are we more interested in bad?

So no, this sequel isn't part of a dystopian trilogy, and it isn't any million dollar hit, and it isn't something everyone will like (in fact most people miss the best parts because it's hard for us to find magic; we want it glittering and in our faces, but hey, we're all human here), but its worth isn't any less. Try them: Stargirl and Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli (in that order) and let me know what you think in the comments down below. I'd really, really love to hear.

There's something special about loving a book most people don't, isn't there? Almost like you're the author's chosen one and only you and they hold this special bond connected by the string of a million typed words.
Happiest of reading. Try a book you think you'll hate and see how it turns out. Never be too hasty in disapproving of something. You may be surprised because-
Life is Spontaneously Splendid. All the love in the world,
Aiman x

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