Sunday, March 22, 2015

Coldstone Creamery Over Melting Snow

Dressing up for yourself is important. It's important to do things for yourself. It's important to find the fun in everyday life. It's important to do what you can to help you begin loving yourself. It's important to do something that you want to and be content with that.
And it's important to remember to do it the way you want to. Meaning if you want to cake on the makeup because that's how you feel confident, go for it (but trust me: you do not need it). But if you feel confident bare faced, that's more than okay, too.
Because the fact that on social media and/or throughout real life wearing makeup is becoming more and more normal doesn't mean you're abnormal to choose not to. It's healthy for your skin and your mind. Take care of yourself; once in a while, let your skin breathe. The people who find you beautiful with makeup will more often than not find you beautiful without.
Jeans: JCP // Top: GAP // Vest: TJMaxx // Shoes: Call It Spring // Rings: Call It Spring & Aldo // Hijab: Saudi Arabia 

Some moments are big, some small, but they're all important. 
Recently, there was an incident where I caught a lucky break. I mean, an easy mathematics test? I could hardly believe my luck. Only the day of the test I butchered a few problems that I was, like, one hundred, trillion percent confident I got wrong. Because I know myself well, and almost always call my shots reasonably (if I say I suck at something, I probably do). 

So here I was, just having ruined my (most likely) only chance of getting an A on a math test this semester. All because of a few mistakes I'd made, and realized only after I exited the room. (Why don't these things hit you when you're checking your work?) I really can't explain to you the frustration I felt at myself. I know, I know. It was just a normal math test. But the thick feeling of regret, of knowing my potential and worth is more than it seems and should have been shown here because I am more intelligent than I absolutely knew I'd look with my low grade (keep in mind I was freaking out without having even received my results yet) mixed with the sense of my being so, so close to achieving something great but not close enough really got me. I knew I could've done better. Why didn't I? 

Two days later, I received my exam results. An A! An A in math is unheard of, let alone an A on an easy test I was sourly confident I'd butchered! Truthfully, I couldn't speak when I got it. All I could think, over and over again, was life is spontaneously splendid. And it is. Even people like me, the ones who think they really know themselves, don't. Never give up before you've even seen the end results. You will always, always, always be surprised because as humans we greatly underestimate ourselves. There will be times in your life when you are so beyond confident that you know what your results are going to be that you absolutely refuse to think of it as something else. Don't count your chickens before they hatch, eh? 'Cause you're way cooler than ya think.

Life truly is spontaneously splendid. Stop. Take a deep breath. The only thing you need to quit is quitting on yourself too early. Push yourself to your maximum potential and you can accomplish loads. Best of luck. Love always,

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