Thursday, April 30, 2015

Flower Child in a Too Hot Dress (for a 70F Day)

He loves me...He loves me not. 
Dress: Charlotte Russe // Jeans: H&M // Hijab: Saudi Arabia // Shoes: TOMS // Rings: Assorted (Aldo, Pakistan, A Gift) //

Alright. Maybe this isn't really bohemian. But it's colorful and went stupendously against the cherry blossoms, which are sprouting all over as spring is in full bloom (literally). My new found love of plants and earth in general is really inspiring me to appreciate every flower I come across- especially the talking kinds. I went with a multitude of colors because hell, I felt like it. And if you feel happy in what you're wearing then it doesn't matter if the choices are logical. In this case, the colors enhanced each other. Not one of the pieces I'm wearing could've stood out on its own.

I'm off to enjoy a scrumptious mango before my sister finishes them all! Today started off quite not so good, but it progressively got better and better, just in time. My I-hate-everyone-and-everything-sucks mood was starting to show in my snippish attitude. Life is spontaneously splendid. You won't see the good stuff coming. (ie. being okay with a fever when pizza is there to cheer me up). Have the most splendid May ever!!! xx
Aiman Ghani 

(ps. aren't TOMS the comfiest things? don't wear them on a day out, though. it could rain at any moment since it's still April and therefore showering, and these canvas dolls aren't made for anything more than a light breeze.)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Rainy Day Adventure

Howdy hey hi hello ho! HAPPY EARTH DAY! Save the trees and plant flowers for the bees; this mother is one in a million. I won't post every week, though that's definitely my goal. I actually have so much content I don't always get the chance to figure out which post I want to upload and sometimes I need a little more time to edit than life allows. April is swell and it is NEVER too late to begin change. Get working on those New Years resolutions! 

On Sunday a few gal pals of mine and I ventured out into the lovely downtown of a large town not too far from where we live. Although we went to support a friend as she competed in a pageant vying for a scholarship, we quickly realized pageants are more fun when seen behind-the-stage, ie on Toddlers & Tiaras. Watching almost 200 girls one by one strut the same pose or answer the same question with hardly a vary in response isn't really exactly the most exciting thing. But the rain was falling and about halfway through the show we left the main hall and went to explore the upstairs, eventually realizing there was a balcony seat area. We then proceeded to sit up there, laughing freely without the strain of worrying about disturbing people watching (only a few people were sitting up there). 

It had been two hours and several since any of us had eaten so we were famished, resulting in desperate attempts to hunt down a vending machine/cafe (what kind of place doesn't have one? there are even vending machines in schools, for godssake). We had been discussing this but weren't quite sure if we were THAT desperate; after a few more minutes our minds were made, and we were going to walk through the now 49°F weather (it was 71° when we arrived thus we were all inadequately clothed. Chicago is very, very strange.) and slightly drippy sky but extremely puddle/mud filled sidewalk to the downtown area, which houses a large outlet and tons of food shops.

   Maps wasn't working so we had no GPS to guide us to our destination. Chilly and kind of wet, we saw a sign stating downtown was straight ahead, though it pointed to an intersection. Luckily, the corner of what we guessed was a red shop could be spotted at the end of one of the streets. Taking a leap of faith we decided what the heck and headed down that street, turning right and walking straight and screaming in joy as signs of civilization began to appear. We continued on wards until we found a burger joint where we bought a large fries to share. It had been five hours since we'd eaten and we were chilly and soaking as we absorbed the hot, salty treat. After a few minutes we made our way back to the theater, laughing and dripping and holding onto the nothingness and everything that is a spontaneous, crazy adventure (we left without telling anyone and set out alone as everyone was inside shops/houses rather than out in the street like us) in a large city where somehow everything seems a little smaller contained between the thick bond of friendship and sisterhood tying the three of us together like those orphan stories you'd read about (specifically: The 3rd Series of Unfortunate Events novel). 

Fun has to be made and sometimes doing crazy things is the way to do it. Unideal conditions truly aren't always as bad as they originally seem. It's quite something to use your brain instead of Wi-Fi connection for answers. When you put your mind to it, the solutions you'll dream up will blow you away and create memories to last a lifetime. Hope everyone's weekend was splendidly content amidst the chills and watery mist. A FULL-HOUSE SPINOFF CALLED FULLER HOUSE IS BEING CREATED BY NETFLIX FOR NEXT YEAR. After hearing that news things can only be so bad, right? *squeala in joy* Happy Earth Day. Show the earth some love and remember to celebrate its infinite beauty everyday, dreamers.
Life is Spontaneously Splendid.
Aiman Ghani 

(ps. recylce! go electricity free for a bit. show the earth a little more love today. xx)

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas + Guest Blogging + BIC Products Review!

Book: Throne of Glass
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Genre: YA fiction, fantasy
Here's some thoughts on this blue beauty and BIC's fabulous products. Scroll through, and get your hot drinks (or cold, if it's nice enough!) ready. Xo

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Daisy Skies + Welcoming Spring

Top: Charlotte Russe // Pants: Kohls // Hijab: Unknown // Jean Jacket: Gap // Bracelet: Gift // Black Watch: Citizen Eco Drive // Blue Watch: JCPenney // Nails: Sally Hansen's 'Hot for Chocolate' // Shoes: Call It Spring 

Even though it's cheap to apologize for it, forgive the less-than-ideal camera quality. The last photo is  one I love, an outdoor one taken at dawn time. If you've never been up or out at that time, I really, really recommend you try it. There's something really magical about being awake when the entire world is asleep, something I've mentioned a few times before. Grab some of your gals and hit the road or simply walk out onto your porch. The air is so sweet, the world so that moment, it's hard not to feel grateful for life.  Even the house shutters seem to yawn. Happy April 1, 2015. I'm pleased it fell upon Wednesday. Have the most amazing April and breathe in every second like it's the mist of a rainy town you won't get to be a part of anymore. Find your happy places, read your happy books, wear your happy clothes, do your happy things. 

What excites you the most? I'm completely ready for the chance to browse flowers and plan my garden as well as begin to kick out the toe-less shoes and flowy clothes.

All  the love in the world-
Aiman Ghani

[PS. Don't lose hope- it's just month four. Life is spontaneously splendid. Believe in it.]