Thursday, April 30, 2015

Flower Child in a Too Hot Dress (for a 70F Day)

He loves me...He loves me not. 
Dress: Charlotte Russe // Jeans: H&M // Hijab: Saudi Arabia // Shoes: TOMS // Rings: Assorted (Aldo, Pakistan, A Gift) //

Alright. Maybe this isn't really bohemian. But it's colorful and went stupendously against the cherry blossoms, which are sprouting all over as spring is in full bloom (literally). My new found love of plants and earth in general is really inspiring me to appreciate every flower I come across- especially the talking kinds. I went with a multitude of colors because hell, I felt like it. And if you feel happy in what you're wearing then it doesn't matter if the choices are logical. In this case, the colors enhanced each other. Not one of the pieces I'm wearing could've stood out on its own.

I'm off to enjoy a scrumptious mango before my sister finishes them all! Today started off quite not so good, but it progressively got better and better, just in time. My I-hate-everyone-and-everything-sucks mood was starting to show in my snippish attitude. Life is spontaneously splendid. You won't see the good stuff coming. (ie. being okay with a fever when pizza is there to cheer me up). Have the most splendid May ever!!! xx
Aiman Ghani 

(ps. aren't TOMS the comfiest things? don't wear them on a day out, though. it could rain at any moment since it's still April and therefore showering, and these canvas dolls aren't made for anything more than a light breeze.)

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