Wednesday, May 6, 2015

DIY Flower Crown + 10 Variations

With spring here, what better accessory to roam the earth in than a flower crown? Quick, inexpensive, utterly attractive and supremely versatile, these are a must have. Scroll through for full instructions!

1. 3/8 inch wide elastic (optional: thicker elastic) 
2. Hot glue gun (optional: needle and thread)
3. Scissors 
4. Assortment of fake florals 

1. Measure elastic around your head, leaving an extra half inch to allow for stretch room. Cut at that length. If using thread, stitch the ends together.

2. Otherwise, hot glue gun the ends together by placing a drop of glue on one end (i.e. the one with the black X) and pressing it against the other.

3. Place a drop of glue on the back of each piece of your floral and press onto elastic band for thirty seconds. Repeat until the entire headband is covered, arranging them in whatever pattern you want.

  1. Ombre your flower pattern.
  2. Add gems, sequins, or decals.
  3. Make one entirely out of buttons.
  4. Arrange the items so that it looks like your favorite Disney princess's headband. 
  5. Use real flowers (it'll last for a few days, but it's worth that natural touch!)
  6. Use a thicker headband and paint your design on. 
  7. Start with a layer of greenery as your base, and build atop of that.
  8. Buy fabric and cut that into the shape of a headband. Leave it as is, or spruce it up.
  9. Decorate with decorative washi tape.
  10. Create a fandom inspired one. 
A few days ago I headed out to the library beyond excited to begin reading the sequel to the book that had kept me up all night. The sun was shining, and I was ready to enjoy the weather. However, upon pulling up to the library I realized something ridiculous: I didn't have my library card on me. Maybe because I wanted the sequel so, so, so, so, so utterly bad, or maybe because it always hurts to have your raised hopes lowered, but for whichever reason, I immediately felt my day shrink. I remember thinking one bad thing per every good day and feeling idiotic for thinking I was going to have a good day. Later on, though, I went out with my mother and talked to a few friends with the windows down and clear air around me and by the end of the day, I felt really content. Life is spontaneously splendid. You never know when something good'll hit you so don't rule out that it's too late; and don't ever let a minor setback rain on your sunshine. It's all in your control, folks.

Hashtag your recreations with #diyaug and rock these flower babes! "I'd rather wear flowers on my head than diamonds around my neck." -Anonymous. May May be beautiful and wonderful for everyone. I can't wait to watch my plant babies begin to grow! This year I'm gardening strawberries and such, too! What's sending your heart racing this May? 

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