Friday, June 5, 2015

Daffodil Denim

Vest Top: Macy's // Gray Shirt: Gap // Mom Jeans: Thrifted // Hijab: Charlotte Russe // Shoes: TOMS

Well the weather is being a doll and summer vacation is, happily, upon me. I've been reading nonstop and trying not to get stressed over my whole read-to-review ratio, and also: I just want to talk, and inspire others to feel, books. I often feel pressured to give the pros and cons of a book and compare it to the author's other works and this and that and whatnot and whatwho, but really I just want to tell you why I read the book and how it affected me. Apparently, that's not why people read reviews.

I love everything about summer so much. Relaxing feels lovely and I was working on a summer reading guide but life is busy and crazy and fun and often time isn't alotted for all the pleasures we seek. So pardon my leave! I'm constantly let down and then given an amazing gift from life- on a day to day basis, even. I'm not always spewing positive things- sometimes I can be quite sour and rainy. But the important thing is to genuinely know and believe, even in your moments of hardship, that bad moments do not add up to a total sum of a bad life. Life is spontaneously splendid. Just wait for what this summer has in store for you. What does summer mean to you? To me, it means just about everything.

Hope my quick and easy outfit pulled the whole denim-denim-denim thing together nicely. It was a bit chilly out the day of my shoot so this isn't ideal for hot weather- unless you're down with the whole burning to death thing. Woohoo anti-society! 

Life is precious, and it's always spontaneously splendid. Smile away. And no matter how many times people complain about your teeth being too far out of your mouth, refuse to close it. Teeth were meant to be shown off.

Aiman Ghani

[Ps. May we all have fun preparing for Ramadan, which is in less than two weeks. It's the Muslims' holy month of fasting. Look it up!  This month is going to be wonderful Inshallah.]