Friday, July 3, 2015

4 Year Hijabiversary

It is my weapon of choice
my armor against everything I despise
and my protection from wrongdoings.
It holds me warm as if in frail memory 
of the ghost of my mother's worn touch.
Like a rib cage to a heart
my collar bones and pulsing beat
are safe behind a veil so as
to not accidentally push too hard
on my neck and cease
to be, to exist, to want, to have.

How could it be so, eyes full of
sunlight (and verily, noor) and a
mouth of big words forming the image
of a beach-side view, a city in Paris, 
how could it be such a sight left alone?
Surely there are extravagant curtains 
and rows of fine silk to accompany the  
most prettiest of views.

No one could wrestle me into it
and no one would dare wrestle me out,
an act akin to stripping the coins out
of a beggar's filthy hands. It is mine
and I am its; we are entwined,
inter-crossing like stars in a constellation.
We are one, we are none, 
we are all, my hijab and I.

It is
everything feminine:
the whip and the whoosh of long,
dark locks swirling in the breeze;
the tell-tale fluttering of eyelashes.
It is
the smirk of unnecessary
make-up on a young face; 
the soft voice of a mother
cooing to her baby.
It is
my choice, not my oppression
my love, not my resentment
my pride, not my embarrassment,
my identity, not  my cover-up,
my faith, not my fear. 

It is my bracelet, my pretty ballet flats,
the shirt that fits everyone just right.
It is my click-clack-click-clack of heels on the tile floor, 
the blazer that 
demands respect.
It is the sharp glasses
and clean hands, 
everything good and 
worth remembering.
It is the crown atop my head,
marking me as the queen 
Islam has made me.
It is the paradise beneath 
my feet and the luck 
of being given such a high stature;
for being chosen.
It is my inspiration and my drive;
it is my love and my life. 
It is me, for I am it,
my hijab and I. 

Hijab: Unknown // Top: Carson Pririe Scott // Jeans: H&M // Bracelet: Charming Charlie // Flip-flops: Kohls 

July 2, 2011 - forever.
July, my birthday month, the middle of summer, full of so much sunshine I want to devour it like it's food and let it fill me; for surely it offers every bit as much stability to my soul as a hearty breakfast would. (Also: Julius Caesar was a great read. That's relevant, right?)

Currently (re)reading: The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart. Adventurous, enjoyable, loving. No graphic scenes whatsoever. Recommended for fans of smart books written by smart people.

Life is spontaneously splendid.

(ps. I will be uploading a DIY Fourth of July manicure tutorial in a bit! check back soon or follow my Instagram or Twitter @ the username spontaneouslyxs for both)

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