Saturday, July 4, 2015

DIY Fourth of July Half-Moon Nails

Who doesn't love a good celebration? I'm up and ready to celebrate ANYTHING, but I really do love fireworks. The sound of the firework bouncing against the sky like it's a skipping stone hitting a pond, the fragrance of smoke mixed with wet grass, the dazzling display. I'm a sucker for anything big, sparkly, or loud. Forever a child. Summer is all about the little, awe-inspiring things. Even if you don't celebrate or get a chance to see the fireworks, these nails are sure to get you into the 'Merican mood. Scroll through the pics for the full tutorial! 

(Pictured above: "Allure" by Revlon, "Rapid Red" by Sally Hansen, "Endless Blue" by Sinful Creations Professional)

  • Red, white, and blue nail polish (I chose an off-white which looked less chalky and more creamy but you're free to use the regular kind)
  • 3-4 toothpicks

1. Gently push your cuticles all the way back with the toothpicks. You'll need as much of your nail exposed as possible. Using the white paint a layer on your ring finger. Repeat as many times as necessary until no part of your nail can be seen through it (I only had to use two coats).

2. Let a few drops of red drip off the end of the brush and onto a napkin. Using your toothpick, dip it in the nail polish and outline a "half-moon" shape, going a bit past your actual "half-moon" (lighter nail part) area, making sure to not extend more than halfway past the nail (3/4 of it should be left for the next color). Fill in the outline using the same toothpick.

3. Use a clean toothpick to fill in the rest of your nails with the blue.  

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Have an amazing, fireworks-filled, summer-tastic July 4th if you're in the states! It's a beautiful July day and I can't wait to see your guys' recreations. Don't forget to hashtag your pics #diyaug so I can find them! If your day hasn't been so swell, don't lose hope. Especially not in summertime. There's always something to be done, somewhere to go. Keep looking. 

Life is spontaneously splendid. ox 


  1. Heck yeah, look at you actually doing holiday-rrific things! I sort of um, fell asleep at 9:30pm on the Fourth. I'm seriously such an old lady. OOPS. But I love your nails, girl. Props to actually taking the time to be patient with them because I would have done something lazy like blue nails with one of those chintzy red white and blue clear glitter coats on top.

    1. thank you- hope your fourth was great! X (ps. truly lazy people wouldn't even use the glitter coat because they'd know how much effort it requires to take those baddies off.)


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