Friday, July 31, 2015

Gold Accents, Harry's Birthday + What's Rocksbox?

I've been talking about rocksbox for weeks on my twitter and instagram and I've finally got the time to fill everyone in on what it's all about and how I styled my first rocksbox set! Keep reading for all the details. You'll get ONE MONTH FREE with the code spontaneouslyxsxoxo so what're you waiting for?! It won't cost you a penny and it'll be sure to brighten your day while doing so!

It arrived in a little white box so for $19/month, it definitely makes for a cute gift to your best gal pal. I am a very, very big advocate for old-fashioned things, and in a world where snail mail falls under that category, I don't care what it is I'm receiving in my mailbox. Letter, gift, package or coupon, it fills me with inexplicable excitement to get something that's mine. I will always love the good ol' fashioned post, and unwrapping a surprise such as this.
This gold bracelet is from Gorjana, which sold out completely when it first hit Nordstrom sales! This is a premium loan jewelry subscription, meaning the jewelry contained inside Rocksbox sets retails to about $200+ which is exciting to try. I'd recommend it as a luxury brand, not a need, and something the minimalist in your life (ie. a college or dorming student with a small living space) would love as you get different pieces everytime you send a box back without having to buy a ton of jewelry.
I added gold accents to a playful outfit with gold jellies and gold jewelry. The thin necklace added a nice touch to my hijab. It could also be worn as a headpiece, which I know many people could pull off. This outfit was very random and last minute- I could've been wearing a clown costume for all the attention I gave it as I threw it on.
You get to wear the jewelry for as long as you want. If you use the free month code 'spontaneouslyxsxoxo' (which you can use any time at all. pretty cool, huh?) make sure you return the three jewelry pieces before your 30 days are up so that you aren't charged for a second month. Rocksbox sanitizes the jewelry and all pieces are insured. The first piece you lose is free. If you fall in love with a piece and want to keep it, they'll sell it to you at a lower price. Something I like about this brand, which I originally trusted based on their features on Forbes Magazine and Refinery29 is that they've thought through all the loop holes. WOOHOO for well thought out ideas, no?!
Dress: Random // Blue Shirt: Kohls // Hijab: Unknown // Jelly Shoes: Forever 21 // Jewelry: Rocksbox // Shades: Target (old) 

Happy birthday to Harry Potter. I don't have words to wish him and JK Rowling the love I have in my heart for them. What a series. What a childhood. What an adventure. I will never forget what those seven books have taught me. how they've shaped me. the smiles and tears they filled me with. I don't know who I'd be without that series. That's some heavy change, don't you think?

I hope everyone's summer has been beautiful thus far. Enjoy it. It will be gone too soon. Hold onto every moment with your every being. Lots of love, always. Play hopscotch. Host a lemonade stand. Re-read your favorite series. Stay happy, friends. Until next week, next time. ox

Life is spontaneously splendid. Always, my god. I have experienced this first hand so many times. For example, my head hurt and my heart felt heavy when going out. Last minute, I decided to lift myself up and do this quick photoshoot outside the wall of a Dollar Store, of all places. What can I say? Fun sneaks up on ya. Here's to adventuring.

Aiman Ghani 

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