Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Pastels Amidst Shadows and Light

Top: Ralph Lauren // Cardigan: Macy's // Pants: JCPenney // Shoes: Call It Spring // Bag: Dynamite // Bangle: DIY // Rings: Suzy Shiers 

Yay pastels. Happy Wednesday, everyone!!
     In case you couldn't tell (I bet my life you couldn't), I'm wearing a man's shirt. Specifically, my dad's. My fashion inspiration hunt goes something along the lines of: wander in the room of everyone in my house, man or female, and rummage through their closet until something desirable is found. Then I return to my room and work to transform it with layers and colors and an assortment of things. 

     I made my blog one year ago in July 2014. Look how far I've come now. Thank you all for your incredible support along the way. Cliche, but I mean it with all my being. It is love, and most especially the love found in friendship and kindness and gestures of appreciation from strangers, that kindles hope. Always. Without it, where would our world be? To girls everywhere, own it. And if you're a writer: keep writing. Everywhere, all the time, about anything. Write about the gum wrapper that missed the trash can and the man with deep set wrinkles at the store. Wonder about your sister's shift in mood and daydream elaborate tales. Or about why the mud is brown, or who decided cows would be called cows or pink nail polish would be more pretty than yellow (I disagree).

     July is surprisingly cool at the moment so don't waste it away. xx. Sunshine only graces us for so long. I have never regretted a year and (God-willing) never will, but I need to start eating healthy so I can scratch it off my 2015 mental bucket-list, otherwise allowing it to haunt me like the ghost of grocery lists past for several more years to come. This is so important it's italicized. What's that for emphasis?

Life is spontaneously splendid! I guarantee it.

(ps. do not regret this Ramadan. for all my Muslim sibs out there, keep on keeping on. it's in your power to be the best you can be. you've got 10 days to make up for the wasted 20. or you've got 10 to keep your spiritual high awakened. if you want some good videos or Islamic resources to enlighten yourself or stay busy with, email me at i will help in whatever way i can. pray for me, and I pray you all have a very good end of Ramadan. i'm starting to miss it already, oh dear.)

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  1. Yessssss! Dude, I write about the tiniest little things I stumble across to avoid talking about my outfit, hahahaha. So I'm all for writing about the gum wrapper or the fat bird who is flapping away in the fountain.

    Your pastels here are lovely and I love that you just took your dad's shirt, 'cause my dad's would basically be a dress on me. You wear it so well though!


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