Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Chicago's Summer Scene Part 2 // Hello, Change.

Summer's switching out for fall, I'm continuing last week's post, filling you in on my usual updates, and clarifying that I'm not always this happy, so you don't have to be, either. 

Peep allll those strangers in the background. I wonder how many weird poses I've been caught in in peoples' photos. Strange things. Maybe one of those people is reading this right now. If so, HI! HOW COOL IS IT THAT YOU'RE IN MY BLOG?
see outfit details and more in my Chicago Part 1 post

Mmmmm. These pictures are to die for. The vibrancy, the setting, and the colorful memories they bring back make me so happy. These past few weeks have sucked, but even when you're exhausted/stressed/depressed/still well dressed(?) life is spontaneously splendid and will work itself out. Hang in there, everybody. I'll try to return to blogging, it's just that:
  • where is the time?! school, man. that's where.
  • photo ops have been lacking
  • not getting the chance to sit down and put together a blog post/upload photos (it's Tuesday and it's 11:24pm. go figure.)
  • new phone = worse camera = COMPLICATIONS
  • so many things going on (HAPPY EARLY EID MUBARAK! Eid Al-Adha, the second Islamic holiday, is this Thursday, Sept 24. May you all have blessed ones!)

I'm cherishing the hot weather for as long as I may. What're you looking forward to this fall? I guess fall fashion and spooky, warm, cozy atmosphere does have its perks. I also feel like there's an abundance of activities to do in fall, it's just so packed. And there's few things I love more than planning my days with fun events. trying new things, going out to do different things. Fall is kind of an entire universe on it's own, and it always feels very positive to me. Rarely are there complaints about this time of year, and that's kind of liberating. To breathe and not be bombarded with negativity everywhere. 'Cause life's much too short to 

have an amazing week. heads high up, pumpkins. smile big. even when it hurts to. comment below fall things. it'll get my blog all vibe-y for it (kidding. i've got at least five more summer posts to work on. summer isn't leaving my blog anytime soon, that's for sure.)

similarly not always positive but totally aware of how much I should be pumped about life, anyways,
aiman xxxxx

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