Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Plaid Reindeer // Library Haul

Red Crop-top: Charlotte Russe // Navy Shirt& Mom Jeans: Unknown // Rings: F21 & Aldo // Shoes: Call It Spring // Handbag: Charming Charlie

This has to be one of my favorite shoots. I really, really love this new bag I grabbed during Charming Charlie's black friday sale. (It wasn't actually on sale, but minor detail, yeah?) I just looove the holiday feel and the bright red and my hand with the henna and the day this was taken on.

This was actually on November 27, 2015: Black Friday. It was after all the sales so we didn't really go to hit those up. My younger and only sister and I separated from our parents to walk around a little promenade under the gloomy cold sky with a huge tree and lights strung up all around and a kind, sizzling festivity hanging in the air. It was just one of those really, really good days, where it's fun and you make the most of the moment and you're content. We didn't buy much. We didn't have to. Just being there was enough.

Current library books/(ly) reading: Queen of Shadows- Sarah J. Maas, Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets, Eleanor and Park- Rainbow Rowell, Ruby Redfort: Catch Your Death- Lauren Child, Mosquitoland- David Arnold, The Mysterious Benedict Society #3- Trenton Lee Stewart, Illuminae- Amie Kaufman&Jay Kristoff, and probably a few more. The scent and feel of BRAND NEW library books waiting to be read. CAN ANYTHING BE BETTER?! They're all books I've been wanting to read for ages now and know are amazing and worth-while (a few are re-reads).

 Immensely enjoy your December and Winter, as today's the second day and tomorrow, Wednesday, will be the third (even if you're Muslim like me or etc. and don't celebrate Christmas, because there's a lot of beauty and magic during the cold season if you open yourself up to it instead of shutting yourself out with an anti-cold sentiment that summer lovers like I tend to do. I used to do that my whole life until last year.)

Hope ya had the best twenty-fifteen it was in your power to have. Only one more 2015 post left, and I know I never got to my DIY henna post. I never break promises, but this one I did and it kills me that I didn't keep my word. I also submitted to Local Wolves magazine, this super rad SoCal based print on art and all things beachy. They had a call for 2016 New Year's resolutions art forms, and I sent in a writing. Fingers crossed! It'd be an honor to be featured there and I love sharing my writing on any platform I can. How do you feel this December? About 2015?

Life is spontaneously splendid.
Aiman Ghani 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Pumpkin Pie + All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven | Food Fashion

Food Fashion: a quirky post where I model an outfit I picked based off of its matching edible item. Usually I dress as the item and not with a picture of the item on my outfit, but this seemed to work. Past scrumptious recipes I embodied are: strawberry milkshakechocolate vanilla swirl ice-cream, and salt lake caramel because I really, really like personification (that's you, PIXAR!). especially that of foods. For some reason it's so amazing and fun to re-imagine food as living. When my friend first pointed these INCREDIBLE drawings by meago on DeviantArt out to me, I used up all my tiny brick phone's storage taking pictures of them off the computer so I could admire them as much as I wanted. True story! HOW PERFECT ARE THEY, THOUGH?! She added more drawings recently! I can't believe people actually possess the power to create such flipping mind-blowingly perfect, creative works of art with their own two hands. I want every single one of those food girls framed. They are uniquely stellar. My gosh. Click through for the perfect recipe to pumpkin pie! [With a December twist, of course.]