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Pumpkin Pie + All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven | Food Fashion

Food Fashion: a quirky post where I model an outfit I picked based off of its matching edible item. Usually I dress as the item and not with a picture of the item on my outfit, but this seemed to work. Past scrumptious recipes I embodied are: strawberry milkshakechocolate vanilla swirl ice-cream, and salt lake caramel because I really, really like personification (that's you, PIXAR!). especially that of foods. For some reason it's so amazing and fun to re-imagine food as living. When my friend first pointed these INCREDIBLE drawings by meago on DeviantArt out to me, I used up all my tiny brick phone's storage taking pictures of them off the computer so I could admire them as much as I wanted. True story! HOW PERFECT ARE THEY, THOUGH?! She added more drawings recently! I can't believe people actually possess the power to create such flipping mind-blowingly perfect, creative works of art with their own two hands. I want every single one of those food girls framed. They are uniquely stellar. My gosh. Click through for the perfect recipe to pumpkin pie! [With a December twist, of course.]

Start from the bottom with some crunchy, room temperature brown loafers, oxfords, or otherwise quaint, old-school shoes. The bright orange socks add that extra kick of heat you want when you bite into it, and your neighbors will never think to add it. It'll knock the pants off your guests!
For extra sweetness, sprinkle a long necklace and some rings on. Go nuts. I went gold.
The filling should be complete with jeans, a long cardigan in a subdued, chic dark shade (kidding, I've no idea what chic even really means- just a nice cardigan you feel good in) and a buttery striped t-shirt filling of beige cream and dark chocolate chunks.
It'd be impossible to have pumpkin pie without the pumpkins, but in this modern retelling of the classic recipe, I've thrown pumpkins on the top of the outfit. Because why should cherries steal all the attention, am I right?
Top: H&M // Jeans: JCP // Cardigan: Kohls // Rings: F21 and Aldo // Shoes: Call It Spring // Socks: Unknown // Necklace: Gift

Happy December! Remember when I mentioned all those Instagram giveaways I'd entered? I won one ;) An ARC of Alexandra Bracken's Passenger, out January 5, 2016. This outfit is definitely fall....but I had so much fun making this post. Thank you all for giving me the opportunity to do so.

Mental health is something I've been thinking about a lot, and invisible illnesses and health in general. All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven (I'd give it 3.5 or 4 out of 5 stars) is a must read for anyone looking for a good teen read/ to understand depression in its true form. It struck me as extremely similar to John Green's books in the best way possible (can it ever be bad to be compared to him?). It's powerful and important and definitely introducing an extremely needed topic to the world of YA and readers everywhere who need to know how not alone they are.

I honestly really only kept reading to the end because my close friend loves it more than life and recommended it to me. Otherwise, I know for sure I would've stopped reading it anywhere in the first 3/4 of the book. Mainly 'cause I hate books that involve school and teacher dialogue. Also, I'm just reading too many books right now and because I'm soooo picky on books, down to every detail (I'm unpredictable, too; there's not even a set genre I can say I'll always love), I was just prioritizing. Books that are so different from how I write sometimes feel detached to me so this wasn't atop my TO BE READ pile.

That's not to knock the book down, though; I stayed up until 2AM finishing it so I could see the ending. It's angsty and edgy (meaning as impure as, say, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green if you're wondering if this is a clean read) in that overdone but ever captivating way, and with a unique touch of Niven's that has nothing overdone about it. I was shell-shocked when it ended because I wanted more. I found myself thinking a lot about what clues throughout the book built up the characters. MY POINT IS: even if you don't personally dig it per se, keep reading as everyone will walk away glad they did for how much it shapes your mindset and helps you gain empathy as this topic is never done for youths enough. YAY FOR BOOKS THAT CHANGE LIVES! Jennifer Niven is the kindest, most genuinely sweet author from what I've seen on her instagram. She hands down deserves all the recognition and awards she is getting.

What did you think?!?! I liked Finch and Violet's portrayals a lot. It isn't always ones who suffer an obvious issue like abuse that are broken! 

Who would've thunk I'd actually win one of those giveaways? Haha. I did! Because life is spontaneously splendid. And that's the truth. xo. (I'll get to my most LIFE IS SPONTANEOUSLY SPLENDID moment ever- a trip to anywhere in the world I won in 2014 -soon enough. It's wordy, I'm warning ya!)

Aiman Ghani 

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