Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hello, Dreamers: My Most 'Life is Spontaneously Splendid' Moment

My most life is spontaneously splendid moment? You're about to find out. Trust, it's a biggie. Hope you've been well!!! Grab your green tea and chillax. It's getting real, folks.

I am a big believer of logic and odds and dreaming. It's funny, because applying logic to dreams is absolutely crazy. (I'm that, too.) But c'mon- let's be real. The odds are if you keep entering contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways, you have to win eventually. It's just impossible that you don't. I don't know how I realized this, but it always made sense to me, and when you believe, things just...happen. You know? It just isn't possible to never win something.
Email, online, blog giveaways, instagram and twitter ones (I enter at least 20 instagram ones daily)- I've been there, entered that. What could be better than taking two seconds out of your day to possibly win something?! It's free, you'll receive some snail mail, and you'll get some hella good stuff. I love giveaways. Wait. This isn't me getting of on a tangent, i promise.
When my dad, brother and I went to the Chicago Halal Food Festival in October 2014 (bahaha so long ago, I don't know why I didn't blog about it until now), there were booths set up. One of them was one of those sketchy vacation winning type booths you see at the mall, advertising in tacky letters absurd vacation sweepstakes for I think four winners that you know you'll never get. Only, I knew this one was legit because it was at the festival. There's no way they would've let a sketchy booth in. Or maybe, though I don't know why, but even so I had a gut feeling that they were legitimate.
I always enter giveaways. Always. You know this. But for some reason, that day...that day I let go of my dreamer self, just for a moment. Just for a bit. I let her sail away down the river, her fingers brushing against mine as I fought between keeping her and leaving her. That day I paused, turned around, and headed back. "Forget it," I said. "Obviously I'm not gonna win." Obviously.
So matter of fact. So sure. We, as humans, think we understand everything about everything and everyone. No, lovers, dreamers, believers, try-ers, wishers, hopers. Breathe your gentle soul. No, my family, my community, my friends, my stars, my sisters, my siblings. We know but nothing. Never assume you know how it'll play out. Someone has to win the million dollars, the car. Do you think that person ever thought it'd be them? No. They didn't, stars. Whose to say it couldn't happen to a naysayer like you, like me?
Everything happens for a reason. Flowers grow so they can decorate my ankles on hot, barefooted summer days. The earth rains so our sins can disappear. Nails become painted to add just a tiny spark of color. If it is meant to be, be it shall, as they say. Later, I wanted a free jolly rancher lollipop sitting on the bowl on top of their desk. As I grabbed one, a green wrapped one I believe, I felt like a thief robbing them of their advertisement. It worked. The candy led me there (I'm five, remember?) and so I grabbed a form and filled it out. Just for the candy. They were running a giveaway for a free four day something roundtrip to any of several destinations around the world. I left. It was an amazing day. The city can make anything amazing. The city is an amazing anything. It's an entity.
A few days or seconds or weeks later, I was eating frozen pizza at the head of our kitchen table. It had crushed red peppers on it and sizzled enticingly on my tongue. I loved spices. Always have, always will. Enticing. There are few things I'd use that word to describe. This whole thing was kinda enticing. My mom answered the phone. She was speaking in English, so I knew it wasn't her friend. Giving me a confused look, she said something and handed me the phone. 

I won. 

I, Aiman Ghani, one year and three months ago, in October 2014, won. I won! We got called down to the hotel in Chicago and received our vacation planning book and a $100 dining card. So dreamy. It happened. The one, only time I wasn't even going to enter the sweepstakes in the first place, I won. (All praise be to God.) I am blessed and so grateful I did. I have never since doubted life. You never know when it'll surprise you. Don't try. I had barely created this blog at the time. It fueled it into existence more than anything. I believe in my blog so much. Thank you to everyone else who does, too. Thank you!!! A million times over. You're AMAZING. And if I ever come across as distant or mean online, don't believe it! I am not in any way above you, more put together, successful, anything. Maybe happier. Though I hope not! I hope you've past your winter blues sadness months and are back to being alive, like I finally am.
Top: Kohls // Black Netted Poncho: Charming Charlie // Hijab: JCPenney // Jeans: JCPenney // Watch: Eco Citizen Drive // Rings: Aldo // 2 Gold Bangles: Gift (Claire's) // Purse: Michael Kors // Shoes: Steve Madden

Sure, the tickets had a catch that we had to stay in the hotel's fanciest (read: most $$$$) hotels so we didn't *quite* use the tickets...

...but I won.

(ps. ty to Michelle Phan's stunning video which inspired all the cheese I was saying in the bottom half of the post! i wish you didn't get so much negativity, you're beautiful as all heck + ily.)

You never know when something good'll come your way. Life is spontaneously splendid.

Aiman Ghani xo.



    1. laughing bc u actually thought I wasn't a year and three months late

  2. actually remember all of this and also rememeber my surprise when you won BECAUSE YOU WERE RIGHT. you have to eventually win

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  4. I entered that giveaway too! Lols but now I guess I know who won it

    1. HOW WERE YOU THERE AND I DIDN'T KNOW?! Haha, that's so interesting. :-)

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  5. I guess entering in so many giveaways every day pays off haha,
    I've been entering in a few giveaways myself lately too ��

    1. as a wise person once sung, "never say never."


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