Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Kindness and My Appreciation of it from Strangers

I just found out my favorite teacher loved an essay I did, which just about made me die because he is the coolest. teacher. ever. You know the teachers they have in books and movies? That kind, which I am so lucky to have. So flipping humbled. Life is spontaneously splendid. Good will come in the least expected places. This is totally unrelated to anything. Just sharing my joy with you all this fine first Wednesday of 2016.
(all photography by my sister)
Top: c/o of Book of Deer // Jeans: JCP // Black Dress: TJMaxx // Shoes: Call It Spring // Bag: Michael Kors // Pink Ring: Charming Charlie // Hijab: Unknown 

Hello, all. It's so amazing when a stranger shows kindness towards you, something I've really been appreciating since I began working. Retail and being a cashier has been my childhood dream, so every time I rip a receipt or scan an item a thrill goes through my body and I just really, really love it. I'm very nostalgic as basically anyone in this world with a functioning heart knows, and it just feels so dang surreal. I AM ACTUALLY A CASHIER!!! The insanity. I didn't write it with that intention but a split second after I did I realized the kindness from strangers bit applies to customers, too, although I meant it in the form of coworkers. Some people in this world are just so cool and nice and positive and inspiring and just really, really good people. New experiences teach you that. Don't give up in the world. Maybe you just spent 2015 looking in the wrong places. 

How cute is the detailing on this blouse? The packaging was beautiful, coming with a little pin and poster, and the quality is outstanding. You can feel it's worth the price as its cool interior is on your skin. I love Book of Deer clothes so much that I myself personally asked Eilidh (the owner) to send me one, not the other way around. When I said I'm honored, humbled, and surprised she'd send such an expensive shipping package to me, she replied that it was her pleasure to support young blogs like mine. I keep thinking that one day I'll be famous because of people like Eilidh that got me to where I am today. See? Another example of touching kindness from a stranger. And such a beautiful gift, too.

Be kind, yo. Y'all think you're so bad and hot but a simple sweet gesture is life changing, and we've all experienced that firsthand. May you encounter kindness in the least expected spots this year and may the force always be with you. (I'm going Force Awakens soon with family!)

Life is spontaneously splendid.
Aiman Ghani 

(ps. watch out for me in the first 2016 addition of Local Wolves!!! SO honored to be featured in there and can''t wait to get myself a copy in print as they're a super rad magazine and I'm sure tons of cool people will be in there. xxx)

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