Sunday, May 8, 2016

You're Lorelai, I'm Rory

Mama's Day 2016 // I talk about my mom and how much I love her more than I love anyone else besides my dad to everyone in this world because hello, she's my bragging rights. Because of that there really isn't a means to post about her, but then again....when is it ever not worth writing about her? A lot of people are surprised at how much I unabashedly value my mom. A lot of people who love their moms have loved their mothers their whole lives, or still have some kind of distance. I'm beyond fortunate to have someone who tells me they love me everyday, and who I'll never have to worry one day won't. In the highest compliment I can give and am giving, with all my heart and love, my mother is my Lorelai Gilmore. That's the name of the mom in the TV show Gilmore Girls. And it's also a phrase that puts a lot of meaning into it for anyone who even remotely understands the full impact of it.

My mom is the one I'll call back to spend the night with me when I'm homesick and shouldn't be. She'll be the one I'll make a list of everything to do in our spare time left together before I leave or won't be with her for a while. She's the one I go to to pick my clothes out for me when nothing seems right. I'll consult her when I'm afraid of change. When I don't want things to be any different than they are at this moment. When I'm in the mood for hugging someone, as though my happiness can leech off onto her when it's so big and broad I can't quite keep it all in my own skin. My mother is the one everyone knows is my best friend, and that she knows more about me than anyone else.

Though I've never wallowed for Rory's wallowing reasons, my mother is there when I wallow nonetheless. When I tried out for the soccer team, it was the first time in my life I ever wanted to make a sport. I've done probably six sports and never cared that I sucked at all of them. But soccer, I cared about. Soccer, I wanted to be good at. Soccer, I wanted to use to prove to the world I don't stink at everything. Soccer, I was hoping would be my one chance. But when it wasn't, she took me to the mall and made me walk around. She bought me Dairy Queen. She sat with me in the car. I didn't realize what she did until I got home, and I couldn't believe what a kind thing that was. My mother, the woman who keeps me healthy. If it was up to me, I would probably never eat. This is because whenever I'm freaking out over school or have a million different things to do at once,
which is always, eating just never makes the list of most important things. Albeit through quite a bit of yelling, she always forces me to sit down and eat. She makes food for me before I go to work and takes me out to eat after if I've had a bad day.

When I was so exhausted and had to come home and do my essay, she warmed up the food for me and fed it to me, right there at my side as I typed up the essay, even though she didn't have to. Even though I *eventually* would've gotten food myself. She's the one who I make funny faces to and discuss when people are weird or mean. She's the one who will let me visit Lane at night or drop by Doose's Market for a second because she trusts my motives, my decisions, my choices, my desires. She's the woman who says to hell with THAT, tell me where you've been these few hours and why you went there and if you're okay, because yet again, yet again as always, her pain will be second or third or perhaps even last to my well-being.

My mother, the beautiful woman whose youth people can't believe. My mother, who reminds me of what friends are good and which aren't. Who forces me into reality when I get lost and confuse everyone's opinion of them for my own. Who let me plant the flowers outside our house and taught me to make trifle and always let my style be my own. Who reminds me that grades aren't everything, and who passed her fast and varied way of talking to me.

My mother, who "never gave me any idea that I couldn't do whatever I wanted to do or be whomever I wanted to be." My mother -  who I owe a thanks to. In the wise words of Rory, thank you mom, you are my guidepost for everything.

This is it. It's set in stone. And it'll forever remain this way. You're Lorelai. 

 I'm Rory.

I'm typing this at 8:16PM. Work was supposed to end at 8:15PM, let alone me being home this early. I wanted to buy something for someone before my shift began, but didn't get there in enough time to wait for the manager to check me out. I was extremely mad, because I hadn't finished this blog post and I hadn't gotten to buy what I wanted so I'd done basically nothing. I didin't finish the post so that I could have enough time to buy it, and I didn't buy it because I was doing the post -  a paradox of the worst. But then I was let out early, at 7:45PM, the first time I'd ever been out this early. And it wasn't until I was gathering my bag that I realized this meant I could buy the stuff. And now I'm home, comfortably typing this with enough time to.

Life is spontaneously splendid. God, how I wish everyone breathed it as deeply into their lives as I am right now - 'cause sometimes I forget, but then moments like this happen and I feel so blessed I can't believe I ever wasn't feeling this.

Aiman Ghani


  1. Love the parallel between Gilmore Girls and your own life �� Really well written Aiman!

    1. Thanks, Noor! You already know I'm going to draw every parallel ever possible between our lives.

  2. This was toooooo cute, I feel like watching Gilmore girls again.

    1. Thanks for reading, Sameen! I'm calling you very soon. On the third episode of season seven rn. SQUEALS

  3. This post was really sweet Aiman ��

    do you still like soccer?������������������������������������������������������������������

  4. This is really superb Mahsallah! You have wonderful talent.

    1. Aw, thank you. That means so much, Saher!


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