Salam (the greeting of Muslims, followers of Islam) and hello there! The name's Aiman.

I'm a Chicago student. I'm happy to see you here, reading this. I hope you enjoy yourself while reading my blog and find some inspiration, motivation, or reason to live a happier life. It's great fun to share the pleasures of life with you and to set aside some time to write about the things I love most.

You'll find lots of references to confetti, glitter, gifts, and birthdays, because I love all things party.  Oh, and style tips/outfits, book reviews, and maybe even a DIY project, interview or poem here and there. I'm a HUGE fan of puns, cheesy jokes, and plays on words. If you comment or email me one, you will hands down make my day.

Pakistani-American. Hufflepuff. Space alien. Gilmore girl. (Kidding on the last one- though wouldn't it be cool if I were from Mars? Not kidding on the second one.)

Never be afraid to drop a line, swing by, or come say hi. I promise I won't bite (though if you mess with my garden all bets are off).

Seeing as snail mail, owl post, and banana phones are, unfortunately, out of the question, you can try these methods to contact instead. 
email: spontaneouslyxs@gmail.com 


I'm honored you're seeking me out, whether it be to collaborate, host a giveaway or send me your products to review. It sends my heart racing to think a company loves my work so much they want their name attached to it. If that be the case, shoot me an email. If I try your product and love it I'll review it, and if I don't I'll simply let you know because my opinions shouldn't speak up for everyone's.

[Life is Spontaneously Splendid been humbly received praise from these and more popular sources: Frassy Audrey, Amazing Race Season 26 Cast Member Jenny WuJessica LuxeSubTheGamer, All the Bright Places author Jennifer Niven]

[I've collaborated with the following names/brands for advertising/interviews since January 2015: The Pineneedle CollectiveBICRocksbox, Book of Deer

Honesty means the world to me. On my blog I speak nothing but the truth. Blogging/writing is something I'm very passionate about. Life is Spontaneously Splendid solely houses the right to decline any offer received. Only brands/objects that fit in with my blog and/or are of a topic appealing to my readers will be featured, and then only if I truly, 100% believe in it. All opinions expressed are my own and will never not be, so if I feel like they aren't, I won't go through with it. 

Thank you for even considering my blog. I appreciate every offer I receive endlessly more than you know. Have a lovely, lovely day. 

Don't lose hope. As I like to say, life is spontaneously splendid. That's a promise. 


I often review books under my 'BOOKCORNER' tab. I read middle grade and YA books. 

I don't/ most likely won't read or prioritize any of the following types of books but may make an exception for some :
  • self-published books (I'd love to help out but my TBR is endless as is :( I wish you success!)
  • thriller
  • suspense
  • horror
  • adult
  • anything excessively inappropriate
  • historical fiction
  • history
  • paranormal (read: anything scary)
  • non-fiction
  • religious fiction
  • extremely political or touchy topic books
  • free verse novels
  • short story compilations
My email is listed above. Please review my collaboration policy. I may refuse solely because I have too many books to read already. Accepting a book does not guarantee a review, though if it comes down to that I will notify you. I ask you send me a book three or four months before its publication date. In my review I will include my star rating (more on that below), the title and author, a picture of the book, a link of it at Barnes and Nobles, the page numbers, the release date, the genre, and what I did or didn't like. I will never be rude or bash on an author or book. In that regard I'll strive for professionalism but overall the review is mostly personal and not objective. It's in the manner of talking to a friend, which is how I see it. I try to not be negative for the most part at all. Just because I didn't like a book doesn't mean I should ruin it for someone else. But if I didn't enjoy it, my review may state that. It's my personal opinion and I reserve all rights to take in a book as I please.

Formats I accept:
  • print ARCs
  • print Galleys
  • print finished books
My Star Rating: 
  • 5 STARS: I loved the book and would barely change anything about it. I probably want to own this book, it's so beautiful. It moved me or touched me in a significant way. I would recommend it heavily.
  • 4 STARS: I really enjoyed this book. It was a very enjoyable read. It didn't quiet pinch my heart or make me cry, but I really, really liked it.
  • 3/3.5 STARS: The book was above average and a good, solid read that I enjoyed but had some things in it that turned me away from it. Definitely not a bad rating. It just means I wasn't absolutely crazy about it. There wasn't anything I hated per se, there just wasn't anything I loved, either.
  • 2 STARS: I really did not like the book, and there were a number of things that made me dislike it. I could probably pinpoint specific things (poor writing, etc.).
  • 1 STAR: I did not like the book at all and would never read it again if forced. Probably no book will ever get this low of a rating. 

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